Creating a SELF-CARE Routine



Daily when I open my Instagram or Facebook apps, I’ve noticed a trend. From fancy spas, facial masks at home, bubble baths, or you know, the classic Netflix binge-watching television series eating a bowl of ice cream, self-care is “hip.”

It is no secret that over the last five years, the popularity of self-care has increased. The increase of self-care has spread globally from news articles, Facebook updates, and trendy pictures and posts of “self-care Sunday” routines. As a mental health counselor, self-care is not a new trend for me. This concept has been in my routine for the last three years or so. A few places that I like to practice self-care in my home, car, and office. However, I understand that getting in a routine of practicing self-care isn’t always easy. Self-Care is not all glamours, going to spas, brunch, or any other hyped overly expensive self-care routine. Self-care does not have to be elaborate or costly. It just needs to work for you and your needs.

What is self-care?

Self-care is not a singular skill; instead, self-care can include many different tasks that can be tailored specifically to have your needs met.

Someone wise once said, “Self-care is a continuous process of reflecting on your needs and investing in yourself to be the best version of yourself.” Understand, self-care is a lifestyle and continuous process of understanding your needs and investing in yourself. Eating healthier, exercise, and meditate regularly or taking a day off from work are all high point of references to self-care. Create small and achievable goals instead of setting lofty expectations. I often encourage my clients to create a simple daily self-care list. Here is an example of mine:

Daily Self-Care Check List:

- Make my bed

- Eat at least two nourishing meals

- Write down or journal my thoughts

- Take a break

- Clean up your living space and workspace

Checklists not only keep you on track, but it’s another tool to hold you accountable. So, as we walk our way into a new year, let’s set the tone for improving our self. Make a decision that you will give yourself the time and attention that you provide to others: your mental, physical, and emotional health matters. Be genuine and authentic about it, most importantly, having with it!


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